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Our innovative solutions are born from customers’ self-identified challenges. We listen intently and purposefully to develop smart, strategic and specialized solutions that are targeted to enhance customers' operating performance.

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Innovative Solutions

From unique products and services to exclusive offerings, ProSight is working harder to bring you solutions that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.

Ad Counsel

While there’s no commercial production bible, there’s this.

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Admitted Commercial Package

Take off the beer goggles. This offering can save you from risks.

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Background Checks

Protect your organization and provide a safe place.

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Building and Tenant Protection Plus

Serious exposures covered by one-stop shopping.

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Certificate Management Services

The nightmare of insurance certificates is over.

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Cost of Iron Endorsement

Stolen or destroyed equipment is just plain frustrating. We know and are here to help.

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Community Giving Fund

All you need is love…and a little funding.

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Insurance and bond together in one product, under one company? Yes.

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Credit Union Fraud Protection

Help identify card and check fraud before it hits your bottom line.

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CURA by ProSight™

Manage Care. Manage Costs.

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Data Compromise

They say safety is in numbers. Helping you manage fallout.

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Data Protection

Automated backup paired with enterprise-grade cloud service.

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Drug Testing Services

Not all drug tests are created equal. Retain the best and safest employees and volunteers.

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Entertaining Safety

The one-stop resource for entertainment technology professionals like you.

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EPL Coverage

Manage employment practices to maintain success.

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Equipment Rental Coverage

Renting to others has its challenges. Let’s not leave coverage up in the air.

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Expert Claims Handling

A dedicated approach to claims investigation, evaluation and communication.

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Grant Writing Services

A successful nonprofit is only as strong as its funding source.

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Harmonie Group

Dealing with difficult clients, crafting contract language and addressing the need for alternative fee arrangements guidance.

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ID Scanner

Bouncers flex safety. Protect them and your patrons.

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In-House Risk Management

There is no such thing as a crystal ball. Having an experienced risk manager might just be the next best thing.

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Manufactured Housing Endorsement

Keeping you and your communities protected makes us all sleep well at night.

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Multiline Offering

Not just workers’ compensation – PEO clients benefit with access to other commercial products and services.

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Music Mends℠

The power musicians have to help mend communities impacted by terrorism.

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Nonprofit HR Hotline

A phone call away for resources, guidance and answers to your HR questions.

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OOPS® Coverage

Made a drastic mistake? You will want this coverage to build you back up.

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Premier Endorsement

A powerful performance

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ProSight® Mobile

A driver’s lifeline in the event of a driving incident

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Rapid Response Team

Accidents cause stress and chaos during and after an incident. Don’t let them.

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Rental Guard

Your equipment is your livelihood. Prevent fraud and theft or ensure recovery if it has been stolen.

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Help drive security AND profit margins.

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You don’t need anyone spreading your business. Eliminate the risks of theft and exposure of confidential medical records.

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Let us bridge the gap and help you stick to the bigger picture.

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For fast, convenient service. Haven’t created an account yet? No problem, you can sign up now.

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Private: Risk Management

Protecting your business

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