Subcontractor Policy Management Tool

Here’s ONE Tool to Help GCs Manage Their Subcontractor Insurance—and Keep Business Booming.


Comprehensive: Reviews every subcontractor policy in its entirety

Fast: Informs GC and retailer within 48 hours of inadequate sub insurance

Online portal is accessible 24/7 and updated in real time

Addresses the needs of GCs in targeted construction programs

This tool
has been a godsend. I know who my good subcontractors are with good insurance. I know what projects I can put them on immediately. It was easy to set up and keeps me organized. It has really changed everything.

—Andreas Boyiakis, Insurance Coordinator, Engel Burman




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A Partnership for Business Success

ProSight Specialty Insurance has partnered with Docutrax to offer a tool that helps GCs better manage and track their subcontractor insurance coverages in a 24/7 online portal. GCs will know which subs are complying and which are not, in real time, so they can act accordingly.


According to Docutrax, less than 10% of subcontractors provide its GC users with adequate insurance documentation.

Subcontractor Policy Management services provided by Docutrax. Docutrax’s services are not insurance products. Engaging Docutrax to provide these services does not guarantee insurance coverage. ProSight and its subsidiaries and affiliates are not a party to the contract between insureds and Docutrax, and ProSight does not review nor comment on insurance policy documents or forms provided by subcontractors. ProSight is not responsible for Docutrax’s advice or analysis regarding insurance coverage.