Restaurants, Bars and Taverns

White Glove Service

When you’re running a restaurant, bar or tavern, taking chances is less than ideal. Of course you understand the value of innovating and trying new things, but fewer investments feel like a sure bet.

But your business plan shouldn’t start and end at what’s in front of you. The restaurant, bar and tavern industry is highly competitive and requires you to constantly have your white gloves on, thinking of the big picture – whether that is adopting new technology, improving the customer experience or figuring out the special for the night. Choosing the right coverage is critical. We offer comprehensive and customizable products to cater exclusively to you.

The ProSight Advantage

Innovative Solutions

From unique products and services to exclusive offerings, we work hard to bring you solutions that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.

Data Compromise

They say safety is in numbers. Helping you manage fallout.

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Background Checks

Protect your organization and provide a safe place.

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Expert Claims Handling

A dedicated approach to claims investigation, evaluation and communication.

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Data Protection

Automated backup paired with enterprise-grade cloud service.

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Our Partner

Based in Morristown, N.J., ProSight Specialty® Insurance Solutions was established to provide unrivaled value to clients that goes beyond industry standards. With a strong focus on creating synergistic partnerships with industry experts, we pride ourselves on securing customized and differentiated coverages, services, and solutions packaged to meet the specific needs of our clients. The success of our clients remains a top priority and a measure by which we define success.

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