Pest Control

All-lines Risk Protection

Pest control operators have a wide range of inherent risks – from the complexities of inspecting new properties to the hazards of working with chemicals on the job. That’s why ProSight provides an all-lines policy that offers customized enhancements to ensure you are fully protected. This comprehensive coverage keeps even your peskiest risks under control.



Client Loss of Income Cover.
Better protects your business in the event your client’s premises become uninhabitable due to pest infestation. In that event, coverage includes compensation for loss of income during days the property cannot be used to operate business.

Professional Liability Cover.
Helps take the stress off your business if your employee makes an error.  This coverage helps safeguard against a situation where employees make a mistake and overlook an infestation or similar issue during an inspection.

Chemical Exposure Cover.
Delivers support to your business in the event someone gets sick or harmed from pollution caused by the chemicals sprayed by your business. This component provides third party coverage.

Electronic Data Liability.
Helps provide protection in the case of data loss caused by incidents like unintentional damage to underground cabling or accidental water damage to electronics. This coverage helps mitigate the impact of loss of electronic data, whether or not there is tangible property damage.

Includes the Builder’s Bundle, an exclusive offering included with your insurance premium that includes Obstruction Of Premises Supplemental (OOPS) Coverage, Data Compromise Coverage, and Background Check Services.

Innovative Solutions

From unique products and services to exclusive offerings, we work hard to bring you solutions that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.

Background Checks

Protect your organization and provide a safe place.

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Cyber Suite Coverage

Take a proactive stance in the face of a cyberattack.

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Drug Testing Services

Retain the best and safest employees and volunteers.

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Our Partner

Together with Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC), the official broker of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), we are building a solid partnership for today’s pest control niche.

We believe that building partnerships with quality industry specialists, like PBC, equates to success for our customers. This is why we teamed up with PBC. PBC shares a common vision of providing dedicated risk management solutions, specifically designed for Pest Control.

For over 80 years PBC has provided insurance and services to the pest industry nationwide. To stay up-to-date on the current trends, they continually attend industry specific trade shows, meetings and seminars. Their experience and knowledge puts them in a position to assist you in the best possible way, with customized coverage to fit each specific requirement in the most cost-effective manner possible.

From policy coverage to claims, and all touch points in between, we are committed to providing innovative ways for customers to manage the liability risks they face each day.


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