Creating the Skyline

There’s no question that construction in the New York metropolitan area is booming. New high rise buildings appear overnight, and the competition for new business continues to build. However, whether the market is hard or soft, the unique set of challenges that General Contractors face remains a constant.

New York construction projects are both complex and intricate. The extreme risks, exposures and concerns cannot be absorbed by just any generalist insurer. That’s why ProSight thrives as a player in this niche construction segment. We are confident in our specialized approach because we know that General Contractors and Owners can truly rely on our coverage so that they can remain sharp and competitive.

Our Focus

Ground up and remodel projects in the New York metropolitan area for General Contractors who subcontract 70% or more of their work.


Annual Practice and Project Specific Policies. Whether your coverage needs require an annual policy, or a project specific policy, we have you covered.

Admitted and Non-admitted Writing Company Options.
Depending on your contractual needs, we can offer both admitted and non-admitted placements.

The ProSight Advantage

Innovative Solutions

From unique products and services to exclusive offerings, we work hard to bring you solutions that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.

Background Checks

Protect your organization and provide a safe place.

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Data Compromise

They say safety is in numbers. Helping you manage fallout.

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Expert Claims Handling

A dedicated approach to claims investigation, evaluation and communication.

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Drug Testing Services

Not all drug tests are created equal. Retain the best and safest employees and volunteers.

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Our Partner

This MetroBuilders program is one of Program Brokerage Corporation's strongest specialties. Their experience with New York City construction is reflected in their approach on this program. With their knowledge and deep comprehension of industry trends, we have collaborated to provide and deliver a unique product for the New York general contractors and owners.

Meet Our Team

Erin CullenCustomer Group President
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Marissa LeoProgram Underwriter
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