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Top 3 Risk Mitigation Tips

One slip on the ice has the potential to sideline your snow removal company, so it’s important to put safety measures in place from the outset. The risk mitigation tips below can help you avoid costly insurance claims to keep your snow removal business protected.


1. Keep a comprehensive logbook.

It’s a good idea to keep a comprehensive logbook of snow and ice removal activity for your records that includes the specifics of every property serviced, including the address, day and time at the premises, amount of accumulated snowfall, and weather conditions. You should also make an advance visit to each site to document the condition of the pavement or other hazards (e.g., a pothole) that might not be visible when the property is snow covered. You can access our convenient logbook above in the format that’s best for you.



2. Know your snow removal contract.

You should understand your snow removal contract inside and out*. There is no standardized contract for snow removal companies, so it’s important to carefully review every contract to make sure you understand what you’re committing to. Are you required to arrive within 45 minutes of the last snowfall? When there’s 2 inches of snow or more? Do not take on any responsibilities beyond your control, like being responsible for ALL slips and falls; they could be the result of property defects. Ensure that all indemnification items are listed and that you’re comfortable with the details of the contract before you sign.



3. Conduct regular equipment maintenance.

Make sure to conduct regular equipment maintenance to keep your snowplows in tiptop shape so they’re always at the ready. Here are some handy checklist items to help take you through the season.



  • Conduct a detailed inspection at the start of the season, including changing the oil and hydraulic fluid.
  • Grease all moving parts to ensure your snowplows move smoothly.
  • Check for signs of rust, and repair as needed.
  • Tighten springs and bolts to avoid potential problems on the road.
  • Make sure all vehicle lights are secure and functioning properly.

During Season

  • Keep an emergency kit (with essentials like spare parts, ice melt, sand, shovels) in your truck for times when you’re navigating unplowed roads or moving large snow drifts.
  • Clean salt from your equipment as soon as possible after use. Salt is corrosive and can also cover up potential issues, like loose bolts or cracked welds.


  • Give your snowplows or other equipment a thorough scrubbing to remove corrosive debris.
  • Top off the hydraulic fluid to avoid air from being trapped in the system all summer, which could lead to equipment malfunctions.
  • Clean all electrical connections and cover them with dielectric grease.
  • Touch up nicks and chips in paint before storing for the off season.
* The suggestions provided are for informational purposes and should not be considered legal advice.  ProSight strongly recommends that insureds consult with their own legal counsel before entering into any vendor contract.


Coverage that Stands Up in All Conditions

ProSight has teamed up with Cornerstone Underwriting Partners as our MGU to provide snow and ice contractors with customized insurance tailored for your needs. Let us work with you to keep your business moving forward in any condition you face.


Pictures go a long way in helping to negate a false or unsubstantiated claim.

Take photos of each property in advance of the season and add them to your logbook to visually show the conditions before the first snow.


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