Self-Storage Facilities: An Action Plan for Property Maintenance


By employing a regular maintenance plan, self-storage facility owners can prevent minor problems from escalating into major safety issues. Get our take on 10 commonsense action items to start doing now.


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ProSight has teamed up with Ponderosa Insurance Agency to bring self-storage facility owners and operators the industry knowledge, risk management expertise, and comprehensive insurance solutions that keep business protected, 24/7.

We understand your unique risks and the specific coverages that are vital to your operation, like sale and disposal liability and customers’ goods liability. Discover the value that industry experts can offer.
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Tenants should get their own tenant insurance to cover the contents of their storage units.


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Self-Storage Daily Task Checklist 

In addition to conducting big-picture safety maintenance, it’s important to conduct daily tasks to keep your facility looking professional and well-maintained. Download the checklist below as a handy reference.

       Clean dumpster area.  

    Pick up trash and debris around premises. 

     Sweep floors/vacuum carpets. 

     Clean common areas with disinfectant. 

   Replace any fading or extinguished light bulbs. 

     Remove any unsightly weeds outside your facility. 

   Ensure that golf cart is clean and operational. 

    Make sure hand carts are clean and in their appropriate place. 

 Check exit doors for working signage and proper function.

   Ensure that security gates are working correctly.

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