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The Dog Days of Summer

August 14, 2014
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

While the summer days are fleeting, it’s not too late to consider season specific home security concerns, and prepare for the upcoming months.

Window units make an excellent alternative to full-home air conditioning, but they can be easy targets for would-be criminals. Not only can they be pushed into the home for easy entrance, the effectiveness of a window unit often requires other open windows for air circulation, giving even more accessibility into a home. As an extra preventative measure, screws can be placed on the inside of the interior window frames to prevent already opened windows from being pried open even further. Screws should be placed approximately three to four inches from the sliding portion, blocking the window from being opened past that point.  Installation of up-ducts placed in the ceiling, which allows hot air to escape into the attic space, is an option for clients who’d like alternatives to leaving windows open.

Sales of pool alarms become more popular in the summer, but a slip and fall into a pool can happen anytime of the year.  Today’s market offers a greater variety of these alarms than ever, with various options of remote activation and de-activation.  Be sure to test the sensitivity of a newly installed alarm. This can be done by dropping a two liter bottle filled with pebbles into different sections of the pool. Be sure to test the top most steps, as drowning can occur in less than 2 inches of water.

Stay on top of fall and winter storm threats by consulting with professional arborists now to handle any branches or limbs that may become problematic under the weight of snow, severe wind, or freeze.

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