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Q&A with Propel’s Janet Duncan

June 27, 2013
Industry Blogs | 3 minute read

ProSight Specialty Insurance has partnered with Propel Insurance, the largest privately-held insurance agency in the Northwest, to offer a unique range of services specifically targeted to meet the needs of Manufactured Housing Communities. Janet Duncan, an Account Executive in Propel’s commercial insurance group, talks about what differentiates them from other Agencies in this sector.

How long has the Manufactured Housing Program been in existence?

The program has been existence for more than 15 years. We have well over 100 years of insurance experience on the team that works this program on a daily basis. As you can imagine, we have seen a lot of different types of claims and see new ones every week. We try to utilize our years of experience to help our clients manage risk. In addition, we are one of the few industry-specific programs that will accept business from brokers that have experience in this sector.

What are the core needs that this industry faces?

Even within the property insurance industry, manufactured housing communities are unique. Many of these properties are located in areas where natural disasters such as fires and floods strike; after all, many of them are targeted toward vacationers who like to be near deserts, forests, lakes and rivers. That’s why we cover “emergency vacating expenses,” because there are costs associated with evacuations even if properties aren’t lost. Damaged abandoned homes in a community can create issues. That’s why our property form covers debris removal for non-owned abandoned homes, even if they aren’t owned by the community.

What are some of Propel’s products that are specific to manufactured communities?

Our debris-removal coverages are unique because they don’t just cover buildings owned by the communities. An interruption in a community’s revenue presents a unique business income/ rental value exposure for our clients. Propel responds to interruption of revenue due to a covered cause of loss, even if there is no damage to insured park structures. For example, a wind storm might severely damage tenant-owned homes, leaving them uninhabitable. If the residents cannot continue to pay the lot rents, our policy coverage responds to this potential loss of revenue.  We also cover complex items such as underground utilities, as well as more usual general theft and damage to property.

With regards to your general liability coverage, it is important to evaluate your carrier’s form to determine if supplementary payments for court costs taxed against the Insured  is included. Not having this coverage can have a negative impact on a community in the event of a loss. An example would be California’s “Failure to Maintain Lawsuits.” Many forms do not include this provision, but our program forms include this key component.

What are some trends that you think may affect the industry in the next few years?

Community owners are faced with ever-increasing and restrictive regulation along with increased frequency of litigation. Propel’s manufactured housing team and dedicated claim management team can help you negotiate these challenges.