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ProSight Specialty® Insurance Offers Guidance in Light of Genie Industries Lift Recall

August 11, 2017
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Morristown, NJ (August 11, 2017) – In a recent communication to the Scaffold & Access Industry Association, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued the following statement about certain Genie Industries aerial lifts:

Genie Industries has found that weld debris in the boom tubes could lead to premature and excessive wear of the upper wear pads. This excessive wear can lead to potential damage to the boom tubes and could cause the platform to drop.

In light of this finding, ProSight’s construction team has three tips for contractors, should they suspect they are affected by this recall.

Inspect your equipment
If you own or operate a Genie Industries lift with a model number SX-150 or SX-180, see the list of serial numbers below to find out if your equipment is a part of this recall.


  • SX15015H-101 to 161
  • SX15016h-162 to 228
  • SX150H-500 to 501


  • SX18014-101 to 196
  • SX18015-197 to 313
  • SX18016-314 to 317
  • SX18016H-318 to 360
  • SX180H-600 to 602

Here is a link to Genie’s Safety Notice, which provides additional information and instructions on obtaining replacement parts.

Have strict tagging procedures
Whether you have a lift affected by this recall or you identify a piece of equipment as unusable, it’s essential to have strict and understandable tagging mechanisms to ensure that no one else puts themselves or the project in danger by using faulty tools or equipment. You can put an actual tag on the item, designate a certain area for faulty tools or equipment or even spray paint the item bright red so there is no confusion. Whatever you decide, make sure everyone on site is on the same page.

Audit your safety protocols
Safety can never be overstated, but it can be overlooked. It is important that safety manuals are up-to-date and imperative that a culture of safety exists on all jobs. This means ensuring routine maintenance is completed, performing proper inspections of tools and equipment before and after use and having a vigilant and meticulous foreman. OSHA expects job sites to have written rules and is adamant that you take proper precautions to enforce those rules.

If you have any further questions on the Genie Industries recall or want to learn about mitigating scaffold risk and ProSight’s Scaffold Program, contact your insurance agent.

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