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Transforming Customer Service into a Customer Experience

May 17, 2019
Leadership In Action | 3 minute read

At ProSight, we understand the intangible aspect of insurance—people buy it, yet hope never to use it. But if an incident does arise and a customer reaches out for help, we need to act immediately with solutions. Here’s how we deliver service that exceeds customer expectations:

We’re Driven by Awesome
We want to turn every customer interaction into an awesome experience. Our customers’ livelihood is our business, which makes them our #1 priority. Customers will never be met with long hold times, endless button pushing, or scripted answers. They’ll get a real person who will listen, ask questions, and jump into action. Insurance is inherently complex, so we’re here to make things as effortless as possible. We’ll even provide our customers with extra information we think is useful—or simply stay on the line to hear about their day. Our team is empowered to go above and beyond every time. It’s all part of our company goal to provide value whenever we can.

We Build Relationships
Our team thrives on feedback, which we solicit through surveys and phone calls. We continually analyze results for areas of improvement, then publicize those results in real time on TVs throughout our office so every employee is aware. We have over a 98% rating of “good” and “awesome” given to us by partners and policyholders, but we’re not ready to rest on our laurels. Even a positive review can yield a nugget of information we can act upon for the benefit of our customers. Striving for perfection is in our DNA, so we invest in support staff training and programs that enable us to work better and more efficiently. Our goal is to create long and happy customer relationships built on communication and trust.

We’re Constantly Evolving
With a strong blueprint for customer support already in place, we’re always looking to evolve as our customers’ buying and communication habits change. That’s why we’ve adopted an omnichannel strategy in our service center that allows for various forms of customer contact: phone, email, and live chat. No matter the form of contact, our customers always receive a consistent experience that delivers results while making them feel unique and valued. We’ve even developed an AI-based program called PATI (ProSight Artificial Technology Intelligence) for customers of our ProSight Direct® platform that enables quality online support 24/7, with the option for seamless transition to live customer support.

Exceeding expectations is at the core of everything we do at ProSight. We want to create emotional connections with our customers that we can nurture and grow into the future.

Vivienne Zimmermann, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Survey results based on surveys received from June 2017-April 2019.