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Five Questions with Kari Hilder, ProSight’s VP of Human Resources

5 Questions with Kari Hilder, Vice President, Human Resources

June 21, 2019
Leadership In Action | 3 minute read

1. What motivated you to go into HR?
I have always loved connecting with people and understanding their “stories,” why they make the decisions they make, what they are interested in, what they are good at. Eventually I realized that I could have an interesting conversation with just about anyone. When I was in college, I initially thought I would be a psychologist until I got an internship in Human Resources. During this internship, I became really intrigued by the blend of business acumen and organizational psychology required to be a great Human Resources professional. I liked the fact that I could learn the art and the science of Human Resources and then spend my career in one industry (or many) and figure out how to help different businesses use HR as their competitive advantage.

2. What has been your proudest achievement at ProSight?
I started at ProSight in 2012 when the company was just 3 years old. I was given the amazing opportunity to help build this awesome organization and the HR department, and I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. I think about where we were as a fledgling company and how far we’ve come as a team, as well as how much more there is to accomplish. From an HR standpoint, I am proudest of helping to create a proprietary performance management system that aligns employee achievement with ProSight’s strategic priorities. It’s a unique, transparent system that allows our employees to directly see what the company’s goals are and provides a platform for them to show how their work has contributed to those goals, to have a voice.

3. What is the culture like at ProSight?
The culture at ProSight is collaborative, it’s respect, it’s colleagues who come from all walks of life working together to solve business problems. We place a high priority on accountability—accountability to yourself, to your teammates, to ProSight. In return, ProSight is accountable to you. This accountability creates a sense of pride, and it’s this pride that creates our cultural dynamic. Of course, we also have really great happy hours and parties, too!

4. What type of people thrive at ProSight?
The people who thrive here are people who take initiative. People who want to be held accountable for their own careers. People who have opinions and speak their views and can back their views with well-articulated and thoughtful arguments. We love when people stand up and say, “Hey, I want that (whatever that might be),” or “Hey, let’s try this.” And then go and do it and learn from it.

5. What do you want potential employees to know?
I want people to know they can be themselves here, that they can bring their own unique personality on day one. We value diversity, and we believe that different viewpoints make us stronger as a company. We value hard work and accountability. We don’t want ProSight to be a company you just work for. We want ProSight to be your company—a place you help create.

As VP of Human Resources, Kari Hilder is responsible for the development and execution of ProSight’s Human Resource strategies. Her mission at ProSight is to attract, develop, and retain a bright, dedicated, diverse group of employees collaborating on achieving the company’s goals. She focuses the HR team on driving continual employee development through talent management solutions, performance management programs, rewards and recognition programs—but, most importantly, linking people to the strategic direction of the business.