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5 Questions with Jon Bono of Big Bus Tours & Frank Froio of ProSight Claims

February 12, 2020
Leadership In Action | 5 minute read

We sat down with our customer Jon Bono, Head of Risk Management & Insurance (NA) for Big Bus Tours, to get his take on the ProSight claims relationship and how the team partners with him for business success. Claims Manager Frank Froio joined in on the conversation and added the ProSight perspective on a long and successful partnership.

Frank Froio, ProSight Claims Manager, and Jon Bono, Head of Risk Management & Insurance (NA) at Big Bus Tours, represent a true claims partnership for business success.


1. Jon, tell me about your business.

JB: Big Bus Tours is the largest wholly-owned operator of open top bus sightseeing tours in the world. We tour in 23 cities across four continents, including seven major cities in the U.S., and we serve over 5,000,000 tourists each year. In my role, I manage the relationship with our North American insurance partners to maximize our ability to reduce costs and build a safer business.

2. Why did you choose ProSight as an insurance partner? How long have you been a customer?

JB: We started with ProSight in November 2013, so we just celebrated six years. We were looking for a niche expert in the field, someone we could trust to provide insurance for our 200 double decker buses in North America. The #1 thing I wanted in an insurance partner was a qualified and knowledgeable claims team. Our day-to-day interactions and operation are with claims, so I wanted a claims team that would represent our company positively and help us reduce costs and proactively manage our claims. The team at ProSight understands how our business runs. They understand the anatomy of a claim and can help protect the interests of our company, as well as their own.

3. What does ProSight do differently than other insurance companies?

JB: The claims team at ProSight is equally concerned with the amount of money we spend out of pocket as the amount they spend. In my experience, most carriers don’t worry if their client has a deductible to pay. They start caring when it only affects their bottom line. With Frank Froio’s team, it’s a true partnership—which is so important. Since 90% of our claims fall within the deductible, I make sure Frank and his team have the tools from my end to investigate each claim. They work harder for me because of our relationship.

FF: My team can rely on Jon and his people to send us the information we need to get better results—which is very appreciated. The team doesn’t want to disappoint Jon. We feel like we’re part of Big Bus.

JB: Our partnership has been key in helping reduce the severity and expense of our claims. Every year with ProSight, we’ve outperformed our claims expectations.

4. Are there any other ways in which ProSight has impacted your business?

JB: ProSight was instrumental in SecureFleet® being installed in our buses, which is a video safety system that includes event-triggered recording. In our very first year using SecureFleet, ProSight saved us over $1 million dollars in claims payouts. We’re now in our 6th year, so the savings are even greater. The video footage has even helped exonerate drivers in bodily injury cases and have given us the ability to coach drivers or reward them for good behavior. ProSight also has a Critical Response Team ready to go in cases of catastrophic incidents that could negatively affect our business. They can be on the scene within hours to deal with the press and the authorities, and more importantly, help our drivers.

FF: We want the drivers to know that we’re part of their team. We’re looking out for them, and we’re ready to support and defend them. ProSight is on their side.

5. Any additional thoughts?

JB: When Frank joined the team and became our dedicated rep, it really set the stage for our future relationship. He understands our business, asks questions, and really listens to my approach. We support each other, which creates a synergy between our two companies.

FF: Big Bus is not a typical motor coach operation. It’s a different business, so it took Jon educating us about the business to learn. We invest in each other and a long-term relationship for the future.

JB: I truly value and appreciate Frank’s team and what they do on our behalf. We’ve worked really hard to build a mutually-beneficial business, and it has paid off for both companies.

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