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We are Live

November 21, 2012
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

There are few things more exciting than being in the front row of a great rock concert, or at a festival with thousands of devoted music lovers. But behind every event are dozens – if not hundreds – of people who make the dream into a reality.

ProSight Specialty Insurance is proud to be one of the few insurance companies with a dedicated Live Events program that allows promoters and artists to focus on what they do best without worrying if they are covered in case something unexpected occurs. That’s because our team has decades of specific expertise in events, so we can help our customers anticipate areas of concern and create coverages that will meet their needs. As a result, we don’t provide generic solutions: we develop insurance packages that are tailored to our clients’ real-world realities.

What makes ProSight special is our ability to write coverages and provide unmatched claims service in almost any territory in the world for our customers who are staging massive events, festivals with overnight camping, sporting events, or unique and provocative stage shows.  We are able to cover their high-value and custom equipment and automobiles, cover injury to the performers and their crew, and even damage to the venue itself.  Because we’ve pretty much seen it all, we are capable of underwriting it all.

We offer coverage that addresses every aspect of live event planning, ranging from general liability to contingency and marine coverage, as well as workers comp, property or auto. In practical terms, that means that whether an amplifier goes missing during a tour, a lighting rig malfunctions, a singer loses his or her voice or someone trips over the red carpet, we have our customers covered so that they can move forward without worrying or wasting time trapped in “paperwork hell.” That’s why live events organizations all over the world are turning to ProSight.

After all, we know the business as well as they do – and we write policies that reflect the day-to-day realities of their industry