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Upon Further Review

March 04, 2016
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Prior to football’s championship game, both teams spent countless hours watching film in order to prepare for the big game. As any football coach would say “film don’t lie.”

At ProSight, we feel the same way about driving. That’s why we offer SecureFleetSM as a complimentary solution to our Fleet Truck customers.  It’s a game-changing solution that allows drivers to review their performance after the fact and allows fleet managers the opportunity to coach drivers to better and safer outcomes on the road. You could say it’s your Monday Morning Quarterback.

So, what exactly is it? SecureFleet is a video recording system that is paired with a review, scoring and coaching service that’s focused primarily on promoting good driving behaviors. It is the booth review for professional drivers.

SecureFleet incorporates a video event recorder – or dashcam – into the vehicle that captures what is going on ahead of the vehicle as well as the driver’s reactions behind the wheel. The dashcam is triggered by risky driving behaviors as denoted by a multitude of critical safety events. When a risky incident occurs, SecureFleet marks the event and transmits the data and video to a risk evaluation center. There, it’s rigorously monitored by certified risk professionals against ProSight’s proprietary safety score.  ProSight resources identify the riskiest behaviors and work with the fleet to determine what steps can be taken to reduce similar risks in the future.

Drivers are ultimately evaluated, assigned a composite score and measured against their peers. It’s performance review meets Moneyball. Drivers appreciate the feedback and it works.

By improving overall driver performance, SecureFleet can help fleets substantially reduce:

  • Vehicle/Tire maintenance costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Claims related expenses

Best of all, SecureFleet improves, motivates and incentivizes drivers to be the best that they can be when they’re on the road representing your team.  Let ProSight show you a few more of the specialties in our playbook today. Learn More.

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