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Top 3 Current Luxury Home Building Trends

January 21, 2013
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

With the recovery of the real estate market making a comeback, there is resurging confidence in the industry for general contractors who build and design luxury homes. While the industry has hit a curve in building the proverbial palatial mansion, still in vogue is the need to build spacious, innovative homes, combined with true luxury and functionality.

Consumers are demanding more for their money, so when it comes to creating their personal space, they’re very specific about amenities that add value as well as meet their individual luxury home requirements.

Three of these design trends include:

1.     Going green: More consumers are considering the idea of building luxury homes using eco-friendly building materials and incorporating sustainable features. They’re eagerly requesting homebuilders to create designs that won’t significantly alter the natural landscape by using sustainable, non-toxic building materials and incorporating alternative energy saving systems.

2.     Building in technology: Consumers are opening their wallets for home builders to design well-integrated homes, fitted with state-of-the-art technology gadgets for business, entertainment, safety and security. Whole house backup generators, home media rooms, whole house wireless networks and smart home sensors are just a few of the in-demand trends.

3.     Home fitness and recreation: Busy consumers are forgoing gym memberships and integrating more home fitness facilities such as swim spas, saunas, and workout rooms. They’re also outfitting homes to include fun entertainment elements such as game rooms, indoor pools and tennis courts, as well as other relaxing favorites.

Today’s luxury home builder has to stay one step ahead of market trends to better understand what consumers want in luxury homes that best match their individual lifestyle. Together with ProSight Specialty Insurance, Quaker Special Risk can offer insurance packages tailor made for today’s general contractor in all areas of project design and construction.