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Three Good Reasons for Renewing Your Bar Association Membership

February 27, 2013
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

No one understands the concept of the phrase, “time is money” better that an attorney. With so many extracurricular functions that find their way onto a lawyer’s crowded schedule, it’s hard to make a case for joining yet another professional association—chipping away at precious billable hours.

When it comes to making a case for renewing your bar association membership, don’t think of it as another time wasting obligation, but an investment in your professional development. Not only will your membership provide you with the exposure to build your client base, but help you build a leaner, smarter practice, sharpen your skills, develop new areas of practice and even jump start your career.

Keeping your bar membership active allows you to:

Position yourself as a specialist. If you specialize in a particular area of the law, a bar membership can often provide opportunities to write and publish editorials in affiliated publications that are relevant to your practice. Even if you’re not a writer, presenting newsworthy information builds your professional reputation among your peers.

Get your hands on legal research.  Bar associations provide its members with a treasure-trove of updated legal resources. With countless substantive changes in the law, you have a wealth of easily accessible information, keeping you on track with some of the most important developments legislation, regulations and new court decisions—all from a single source.

Generate referrals through CLE programs. Being a bar member means that you can attend a variety of continuing legal education programs at a lower cost than a non-member. In addition, it allows the opportunity for you to plan and present CLE topics in your area of practice. Being a speaker at a bar program is a great way to bring in a steady stream of referrals from other lawyers.

Contact the American Bar Association for more information on the benefits of membership in one of the world’s largest voluntary professional associations.