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Drone flying over solar panels

The Importance of Drone Insurance for Solar Contractors

September 21, 2018
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Drones used for commercial purposes in today’s environment are top-of-the-line unmanned aircraft systems. They are so sophisticated that only a pilot certified by the Federal Aviation Administration is permitted to operate them. They feature fascinating advancements in technology to enable a solar contractor to more accurately diagnose system flaws, evaluate a roof before installation, and swiftly inspect solar farms. However, these aircraft systems, which cost thousands of dollars, could face a number of unexpected risks that can lead to damage. Contractors should consider the value of insurance for peace of mind against the financial risk of damage to the drone itself or damage to others.

Drone Features

Today’s drone comes equipped with a multitude of modern attributes for solar contractors to utilize. Each drone can be outfitted with one or two high tech cameras with various viewing options, exceptional zooming, and even thermal scanning with pinpoint-accurate temperature readings. Information can be transmitted instantly either through a digital screen on the remote control or an adaptable smart device. Many drones now come equipped with technology that allows them to avoid obstacles, thus reducing the risk of 3rdparty property damage from the drone, due to operator error. There are still many more options to discover, and they all can benefit the needs of solar professionals. What truly matters is keeping these aircraft systems protected should any of them become broken.

Drones are Cost Effective

Roof inspections, damaged solar panel identification, and solar panel field sweeps can all be accomplished safely and in a matter of minutes through the use of drones. This efficiency opens up more opportunities for solar contractors to take in more business. Although, putting such an expensive machine hundreds of feet up in the air without any protection is not the best business decision. Insurance is key, and ProSight offers a full suite of coverages related to the use of drones for solar contractors, all bundled in with the insurance program built specifically for solar contractors.

-Christy Howley