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Supporting Public Safety With Solar Power

Supporting Public Safety With Solar Power

February 08, 2019
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It is important for EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractors and installers to keep their customers informed about the benefits of going solar, especially in areas prone to wildfires. For the past few years, wildfires have devastated large sections on the country’s west coast. The cause of the wildfires in November 2018 has been linked to faulty non-renewable energy equipment, as well as climate change. 

Renewable Solar Energy Can Help 

For over a century, fossil fuel energy resources such as coal, oil and natural gas have been emitting greenhouse gases that trap radiation from the sun into the atmosphere. This has led to rising global temperatures, increases in extreme weather, extended drought and ocean acidification. Solar is a renewable energy source that can generate electricity in a much cleaner fashion. Plus, it does not contribute the noxious gases that can lead to wildfires, something that home and business owners within wildfire areas may want to know if considering solar power as an energy alternative.    

Solar Energy is Efficient 

Unlike fossil fuels, solar power is able to be sourced locally, through distributed energy such as rooftop and ground mount installations at residential and commercial properties. This lessens the burden on the power grid, as load demand is offset by distributed solar. The use of microgrids, combining solar plus storage enables customers to be less reliant on centralized grids for their energy needs, which is a positive shift away from relying on an aging infrastructure. Further, because solar panels have very little or no moving parts, regular maintenance is minimal.  

While solar power prevents contributing toxins that feed global warming, it may also be a way to prevent wildfires and improve public safety. With this knowledge, solar installation contractors not only add value to their business, but can also provide a public service. ProSight also adds value with unique products and solutions customized for the solar industry that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.   

– Christy Howley, Program Manager for Solar Contractors