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Stay Aware of Wrap-Up Policy Gaps in the Film Industry

October 19, 2018
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

It is important to be aware of the possible perils of a Wrap-Up policy. Documentary, Industrial, Commercial and Educational (DICE) film producers usually do not have visibility of their contracted clients’ Wrap-Up insurance policy, despite being covered under it. This form of coverage often runs the risk of creating gaps for the producers, who end up facing uncertainty about limits, exclusions and overall adequate coverage, and proper indemnification of their company in the event of a loss. 

WrapGap® Covers the Wrap-Up 

ProSight has designed a solution to help shield producers who are at the mercy of their clients’ Wrap-Up insurance policy. This innovative endorsement, called WrapGap®, provides an added layer of coverage and eliminates deductibles. Its main focus is  reducing potential gaps in primary coverage provided by a Wrap-Up policy. That means less risk and uncertainty on the producer’s end and more freedom to think creatively. Additionally, WrapGap® has been included within ProSight’s current DICE insurance policy at no extra cost. As long as a producer is under the policy, they have protection from potential Wrap-Up oversights.    

A ProSight Exclusive Original 

Customers will always find smart, strategic solutions being developed at ProSight that add value to their business. WrapGap® is one of these solutions and it is the first of its kind. No other provider offers anything like it, which serves as a shining example of the above and beyond efforts producers can expect from ProSight. 


-Lupe Esquivel, Program Executive for Commercial Producers and Film