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Responding to a Slip-And-Fall

December 08, 2014
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

The most common, and potentially expensive, claims that owners of manufactured communities face involve residents who report injuries resulting from falling in a common area. While there is no “magic bullet” to prevent all slip-and-fall accidents, property managers can take steps to make sure that everything is handled properly to increase the safety of their communities and reduce the financial exposures that they face.

ProSight Specialty Insurance, in partnership with Propel Insurance, offers a comprehensive set of coverages for manufactured communities. Propel’s Pat Flynn, who specializes in this highly specialized sector, says that proper documentation is key at every stage of a claim – including even before a claim is made. “When a claim is made, having the right paperwork is critical,” Flynn says. “This includes proof that a common area was regularly inspected for hazards and that potential problems were addressed by community owners. But documentation is key at every stage, and it’s important for manufactured communities to provide claims departments the information they need.”

As an example, Flynn says that many claims specialists want photos of the area where a slip-and-fall is alleged to have occurred, as well as any statements that witnesses may have made. Documenting the conditions of the area of a fall, both prior to, and at the time the loss occurred can assist in the defense of a claim by memorializing conditions that frequently change with the passage of time. In addition, the ability to provide records showing that there have been regular inspections, maintenance and due diligence on the part of property managers indicates that the manager has made every effort to ensure the property is hazard free which is helpful to the defense and reflects well on such managers should a claim or litigation ensue.

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