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ProSight Specialty & LWP Claims Solutions: A Partnership to Better Manage Your Worker’s Comp Exposures

December 10, 2012
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

Success in specialty insurance is knowing your markets. That’s why at ProSight Specialty, we’re  committed to anticipating and staying ahead of the evolving California worker’s compensation landscape, and the impact that trends and reforms can have on our customers. This is why we’ve recently enhanced our Worker’s Compensation program by transitioning our Claims Management Service provider in California to LWP Claims Solutions, Inc., a California claims Specialty Company.

By partnering with LWP, we’ve effectively formed a proactive team that can deliver cost-effective results that support our clients’ objectives.  Our collective focus on  early, aggressive medical treatment, and early and sustained return-to-work, allows us to move claims to closure quickly by returning an injured worker to his/her pre-injury status.

“We are pleased to partner with ProSight because we share a collective view that can affect the outcomes that both our clients and their employees are looking for”, Judy Adlam, President and CEO, LWP Claims Solutions, Inc., says. “We view ourselves as part of the risk management team and work with all parties to enable injured workers to return to work with minimal impact to the employers’ businesses.”

LWP shares ProSight’s philosophy of looking at each case individually, and developing the very best methods to serve our customers while remaining flexible through all touch-points. We expect to evolve our programs together, while continually improving processes and the quality of service to our customers.

“The fact that both ProSight and LWP specialize in customized solutions for our clients puts us in a unique position to create a highly specialized business model that can nimbly adapt to the changing landscape and can quickly take advantage of new techniques and tools in order to best serve our clients’ needs.”  Adlam says.

As a result, our customers can expect expedited claim processing, lower claim costs, and a decrease in litigation rates.  This client-focused, team approach to claims management is just one example of how ProSight truly differentiates itself from the competition.