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Preparing for Natural Disasters: Taking Steps Now to Protect Yourself Tomorrow

March 23, 2013
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

It’s almost impossible to predict when and where a natural disaster will strike, but manufactured housing communities can take basic steps to protect residents’ safety, prevent property losses and also reduce their exposure to suits related to injuries, damage or even death.  Keep in mind that there is no one right answer to the problem, but there are several key things that every community should do before a major disaster strikes.

1. Have a plan. Residents need to know what to do when a flood, fire or extreme weather hits. This includes explicit written communications and even signed documentation to demonstrate that the community has informed people on how to protect themselves and their belongings.

2. Create a formal process for notifying residents of impending disasters or alerting them to rescue protocols. Many residents of manufactured housing communities may not have land lines or computers, so there need to be multiple communication tactics in place.

3. Create a list of resources and contacts for residents to use immediately after a disaster. This could include directions to nearby shelters, directions to safe areas or information on getting emergency food and water.

There is no way to anticipate every possible disaster scenario, but Propel and ProSight Specialty Insurance member insurers can help manufactured housing communities avoid claims based on accusations that the owners didn’t do enough to save lives and property. By working with one of our experienced agents, we can help you map out a plan that will help you protect residents while limiting your own liability. So give us a call before disaster strikes.