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What Makes Us Different?

April 22, 2016
Industry Blogs | 3 minute read

When marketers are asked this question they typically respond with something about product, price, features, etc.  But these days, more forward-leaning thought-leaders speak about the customer experience. THAT’s the new marketing!

For ProSight, the answer begins with insight into our customer’s business.  We use insights to identify opportunities to improve our customer’s operations and internal performance.  We use insights to be prescriptive when identifying our services and solutions.  By working side-by-side with customers, we can identify trends on an industry-wide level and proactively provide custom solutions.

We have made the strategic choice to NOT offer cookie-cutter solutions for MANY, but to instead customize solutions for a few.  If we are alone in helping the customer, then that alone makes us different. But the REAL difference is that we help set our customers apart from their competitors!

A good example of the ProSight difference is rooted in our insights into the staffing challenges facing Transportation industry customers.  We understand their focus on hiring and retaining the best drivers, and the difficulties in doing so.  That’s why we partnered with Foley Carrier Services, a transportation compliance firm.  We worked with Foley to develop a new drug testing program.  It’s a program that goes further than Department of Transportation (DOT) testing.  We screen for contemporary drugs that are not included in the DOT screen panel. As a result, we identify drivers that use these newer drugs that increase accident risks.

By developing the ProSight Drug Testing Program, we can help customers with a key component of their business.  Kudos to Jeremy Zottneck, president of ProSight’s transportation niche on leading this effort.  He sums up our philosophy of putting customers first quite nicely, “We’re excited to offer an enhanced drug test that will help customers boost their productivity, reduce driver churn, decrease dangerous incidents and improve overall ROI.”

This is the type of added-value differentiation I am finding at ProSight. ProSight professionals dig into our customer’s business model to help them operate and grow more profitably.  A spirit of innovation runs throughout the fabric of this great company. I am seeing it every day:  the collaborations taking place with business partners and the customized solutions that result from a different way of thinking. ProSight doesn’t work just to be different in our customer’s eyes – we work hard to position our customer’s differently in their customer’s eyes.  That’s the ProSight difference.  And I like it!

Bev Thorne, CMO
ProSight Specialty Insurance