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Construction insurance with worker climbing ladder

Ladder Safety in the Workplace: Identifying Risk

September 07, 2018
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What is risk? The basic definition is “a situation involving exposure to danger”. However, risk means something much more to our Risk Management team at ProSight. We classify risk as something that can be studied in order to develop a preventative solution. To identify possible emerging risks, we proactively examine the industries we serve and our customers’ loss records. Recently, a risk emerged within the niche industries of our construction and solar contractor programs – a trend of falls from ladders. In the United States, ladder-related accidents kill almost three workers every week and injure more than 50 workers every day. When our risk management team noticed this trend, we began generating solutions to mitigate the risk for our customers.

Ladder Safety Solutions

In order to ensure that our construction company customers keep their employees safe, we distributed additional guidance and solutions for improving ladder safety on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a comprehensive list of practices and examples to reduce falls from portable ladders. The American Ladder Institute offers several informative ladder safety videos that cover mobile ladders, single and extension ladders and stepladders. And Werner Ladder Co., the world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ladders, recently released their own version of a ladder safety video. The objective is to significantly lower the risk of injuries or death related to commercial ladder use through education on the proper selection and use of construction ladders.

A Ladder Safety Example

Through collaboration with our claims and underwriting departments, our risk management team was well aware of the need for a heightened focus on educating our customers to better evaluate their ladder safety programs. Our experts conducted several on-location jobsite surveys to identify safe and unsafe practices for our solar industry customers and observed employees manually carrying solar panels up ladders. As a result, we recommended to our customers to switch to an alternate, non-manual means of carrying panels that, at a minimum, meets OSHA requirements. On a positive note, this guidance led to one customer designing a unique pulley system for lifting solar panels up to roofs without employees setting foot on a ladder. Another customer began trying out a few different custom and off-the-shelf ladders and accessories, suggested by our team, on their jobsites to ultimately select the best solution for their company. Our customers quickly integrated alternative solar panel handling systems into their employees’ daily routine and found it to be safer and just as efficient. That is our process – providing our customers with impactful solutions.

-Jennifer Arrison

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