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Keep Business Booming with Our Subcontractor Policy Management Solution

ProSight’s Subcontractor Policy Management Solution | Keep Business Booming

September 27, 2019
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Whether building a custom home in the Hollywood Hills, constructing a mixed-use skyrise, or installing an HVAC system, General Contractors (GCs) have the same basic responsibility: site safety. This includes making sure all the subcontractors they hire have the proper insurance in place to mitigate any potential problems or claims. The last thing they need is for inadequate sub coverage to shut down a project, cost them time and money, damage their reputation, or potentially drive up future insurance costs.

That’s why the subcontractor policy management tool, offered by ProSight and powered by Docutrax, is so essential in construction project oversight. Use of this tool relieves GCs of the burden of verifying and validating their subs’ insurance—giving them time to focus on the build at hand.

Here are the Top 3 Benefits:

1. Review of each subcontractor policy in its entirety, not just the Certificates of Insurance (COI) like other document management services. All subcontractor policy reviewers are state-licensed insurance agents with specialized construction-industry credentials, so they know what to look for. This means they can easily identify subs with inadequate coverage to help protect GCs from a large action-over claim or to help tender other claims caused by a subcontractor.

2. Guaranteed 24-48 hour turnaround time for policy review. If reviewers see problematic exclusions, improper limits, or missing coverage, they alert the designated GC, retailer, and subcontractor immediately so they can take appropriate action regarding the risk.

3. Tracking/maintaining of all sub policies, contracts, and COIs in an online portal. Accessible to GCs 24/7 and updated in real time, this seamless portal offers a quick overview of each sub’s current standing—as well as provides a detailed history of all active and completed work.

Of course, there are also intangible benefits for GCs, like unrivaled peace of mind knowing that industry experts are maintaining their subcontractor coverage—not to mention the time they’ll gain back in their schedule and the cost they’ll save of hiring an in-house manager.

“We’re happy that ProSight selected Docutrax as its compliance management partner,” said Docutrax CEO Martin Mick. “We look forward to assisting ProSight and its customers to provide enhanced risk control services.”

ProSight is dedicated to providing value to construction professionals beyond traditional insurance coverage. Our partnership with Docutrax is just one of the ways we keep business booming.

Jake Morin, Value Creation Executive

Subcontractor Policy Management services provided by Docutrax. Docutrax’s services are not insurance products. Engaging Docutrax to provide these services does not guarantee insurance coverage. ProSight and its subsidiaries and affiliates are not a party to the contract between insureds and Docutrax, and ProSight does not review nor comment on insurance policy documents or forms provided by subcontractors. ProSight is not responsible for Docutrax’s advice or analysis regarding insurance coverage.