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How DICE Clients Can Take Control of Their Production Insurance Needs

It’s a Wrap (Up)! How DICE Clients Can Take Control of Their Production Insurance Needs

August 02, 2019
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

You hired the production agency to shoot your company’s commercial, but that’s just the first step. Now, you have meetings to attend, budgets to manage, and a whole host of minutia to oversee. What’s more, you get to repeat this process for Every. Single. Commercial. The last thing you need is the added stress of ensuring each production company you hire has adequate insurance. That’s why it’s time to wrap up your DICE (Documentary, Industrial, Commercial, and Educational) insurance needs.

A Wrap Up is a comprehensive DICE insurance policy that helps cover all your productions under a single policy; this translates to coverage for all specialty items (ie., cameras, props, third party damage, extra expense, and even talent) that move with the shoot. Damage or loss to any of these things can delay filming, cost money, and put the production at risk. With your annual commercial schedule, this scenario simply won’t do.

A ProSight Wrap Up puts YOU in the driver’s seat and gives you peace of mind. Here are the key benefits of Wrap Up coverage for your company:

  1. Control
    With a ProSight Wrap Up policy, you no longer have to inquire if each production company you hire has the proper DICE coverage in place. YOU control the coverage with ONE master policy that helps cover all the production companies you hire annually. You set the limits and terms that fit your company’s standards and risk tolerance.
  2. Protection
    Your DICE policy comes with tailored coverage for your specific needs that may not be provided by contractor policies. With this type of protection, you’ll have better peace of mind as the cameras roll.
  3. Savings
    The insurance estimate provided by contractors on any given bid can fluctuate widely depending on the type of work or location of the shoot. But, if you carry DICE insurance through a Wrap Upeach production company can remove their insurance estimate from the bid—which gives you more control over costs and budgets.

Wrap Ups make good business sense for companies that produce multiple commercials a year—or even companies looking to scale up their advertising efforts. See if a ProSight Wrap Up is right for your company’s DICE insurance needs. Contact me to learn more.

Lupe Esquivel
Value Creation Executive, Commercial Producers