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Integrated General & Professional Liability Coverage Can Reduce Claim Headaches

August 21, 2013
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

If a lawsuit were filed against your company, would it trigger a general or professional liability claim?

Sometimes it is hard to know. Lacking both coverages could also leave you unprotected.

Purchasing general liability separately from professional liability and knowing where to file can be an administrative hassle. In the past, construction managers couldn’t prevent such headaches.

Now, there are insurance packages that combine both general liability and professional liability coverage.

So how do you select the right package? Consider the following:

1) Easy-to-buy. Is the coverage competitively priced? Does it offer a variety of deductibles and rating credits? Can you obtain coverage through your trusted insurance broker?

2) Customer service. Once a claim is filed, does it go to a dedicated claims department specializing in construction managers coverage? If not, important industry nuances could be missed.

3) Product uniqueness. Does the package offer additional benefits to fill in coverage gaps unavailable from other insurers?

4) Industry commitment.  Does the insurer support your industry? Those that do are more likely to be available for years to come.

5) A.M. Best Rating. The A.M. Best Company rates insurance companies to ensure they have the financial strength to keep their financial promises.

ProSight’s Construction Managers Insurance Product integrates general and professional liability insurance. The coverage is competitively priced, offering coverage based on the client’s risk appetite and claims history.

Its specialty-trained claims staff is dedicated to handling the program’s claims as quickly and professionally as possible. ProSight’s program uniquely offers subpoena expense coverage for claims expenses even if damages have not yet been requested and disciplinary expense coverage for loss of earnings, personnel and travel expenses required for attending disciplinary proceedings.

Endorsed by the Construction Managers Association of America (CMAA), ProSight’s commitment to value and the construction industry is reflected through the availability of special pricing considerations for Certified Construction Managers (CCM’s). CMAA members can access the program through Quaker Special Risk, which has over 50 years of industry experience. Customers can also purchase the coverage through their trusted insurance broker. ProSight Specialty Insurance member insurers have an “A” (excellent) rating by the A.M. Best Company.