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Improving Safety Standards in the Oil & Gas Industry

August 31, 2016
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

As the oil & gas industry invents new ways of drawing fuel from the earth, safety experts work hard to ensure the men and women keeping the fuel flowing can go about their jobs without fear of mishap. ProSight insures upstream oilfield and gas contractors, so we’re sharing some of the latest safety tips to help ensure good health for hard-working roughnecks and prosperity for their industry.

The deeper companies drill to get at the earth’s resources, the more the industry updates its safety culture, and culture is all about people. Experts agree tools should be reliable and built to a high standard. But a tool is only as good as the hand using it, so inexperienced workers and longtime veterans alike benefit from regular and progressive safety training.

Every second counts in an emergency, and procedural drills can shave whole minutes off an emergency response. By holding and incentivizing practice runs, companies encourage their employees to take pride in their response time.

Upgrading oilrigs and other installations with digital communications can cut emergency response activation time to as low as four minutes.

Some benefits of digital communications include:

• Preemptive priority calling so that emergency calls take precedence over less urgent matters

• Remote terminal management, allowing staff to control facilities and equipment from the home office

• Unified push-to-talk for easy two-way communication

• Automated notifications to alert remote and on-site staff of arising issues

By taking these and other simple precautions, operators can keep their workers and businesses interests alike free from unnecessary risk.

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