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Insured solar panels and a drone above

How Drones Aid the Solar Industry

August 17, 2018
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

Commercial drones are rapidly becoming a key component in the technological and safety advancement of the solar industry. From the inspection of rooftops to thermal mapping, the efficient, cost-effective benefits are plentiful.

Drone Efficiency

As the solar industry has grown and expanded over the years, so too has the drone industry. These unmanned aircraft systems are not just for leisure anymore. They are innovative pieces of high tech machinery and they’re changing the landscape of how solar contractors conduct business. Drones now often come equipped with high-powered cameras that feature exceptionally crisp zoom lenses, heat signature color scales, and infrared technology. All this imagery is transmitted directly to the drone’s remote control, obtained at a safe distance from hundreds of feet in the sky. In a matter of minutes, solar contractors can inspect roofs prior to solar panel installation to see if there is any latent roof damage. Once solar panels are installed, routine inspections can be performed with the use of drones. If there is damage to any particular panel, the contractor will find out without having to wait.

Drone Safety

Any time a solar contractor employee climbs up on a roof, there is a risk of injury either during the climb up the ladder or when on the roof. With the use of drones, the time a person needs to spend up on a roof becomes greatly reduced. As mentioned above, inspections both before and after installation can be performed quickly and more effectively with a drone, thus eliminating the potential risk of an employee becoming endangered. Furthermore, drones are able to maneuver around certain areas that may be difficult for a person to reach.

The Drone Difference

The benefits of using drones in the solar industry are vast. They’re highly proficient at saving time and money, while preserving the well-being of employees. They can accomplish in minutes what would normally take a person an entire day. Drones empower individuals in the solar industry to produce higher-quality installations, while at the same time improving their risk profile by keeping boots on the ground. This efficiency allows for more time to service more customers. The solar industry can soar to new heights with the addition of drones.