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What is DJ Insurance?

January 05, 2018
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You have insurance on your car, insurance on your house or apartment, and insurance for your healthcare. You may not realize that DJ insurance for your DJ business is just as vital. DJ liability insurance can protect you against many of the risks and exposures of the job. Some of these dangers are obvious – like fragile equipment being damaged – while others are less apparent but equally as dicey. With so much money on the line, Disc Jockey insurance is a must have for DJs regardless of their level of experience, income, or work frequency.

Which type of DJ Insurance is best?

The insurance you select depends on your business needs. There are two main types of DJ liability insurance to consider.

Equipment Insurance: Equipment insurance protects your DJ business for damage or loss of DJ equipment that you use in the course of your business. DJ equipment is expensive and while the higher-end equipment is built to last, accidents do happen. Your DJ equipment insurance can protect you. Some examples of why you might need DJ equipment insurance are:

  • Damaged Equipment: You are traveling from your home to the event. When you get to the event, you realize that your DJ equipment was damaged during transit. Without insurance, you could be out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Your mobile DJ insurance policy can cover all types of equipment including turntables, speakers, and even smaller items like your records.
  • Stolen Equipment: You have stepped away from your equipment to talk to the event planner and when you return the DJ stand for your CD player is missing. An uninsured DJ has little recourse outside of just filing a police report. With DJ insurance, you can get reimbursed for the value of equipment that you have insured and could not be recovered.
  • Coverage when using someone else’s equipment: When you rent a car on vacation, your insurance policy will likely offer some sort of protection in the event of vehicle damage, even though you’re behind someone else’s wheel. DJ insurance works the same way in covering you if you’re behind another DJ’s equipment.


General Liability Insurance: General liability insurance protects your business from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to third persons property. Some examples of general liability insurance for DJs are:

  • Bodily injury: You are on stage and suddenly someone trips and falls on the cord of your DJ mixer and are rushed to the hospital. It may seem far-fetched, but there is precedent for attendees suing the entertainment when things go sideways, even in instances where the DJ is not necessarily at fault. If you’re sued because they were hurt at your event, you could potentially be held liable for injury. Your DJ insurance could protect you from the legal costs.
  • Property Damage: Let’s say you are talking to the organizer while setting up your DJ equipment and accidentally spill liquid on the stage curtains which are white. He may sue you for causing damage to his property. Your DJ liability insurance may cover the claim up to your general liability policy’s limits of liability.


Why choose ProSight for your DJ Insurance?

  • The Best DJs in the world rely on ProSight: Roughly half of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list – including four of the top five DJs – are insured with ProSight. It only makes sense that the best DJs in the world would entrust the best insurance company to protect their equipment.
  • Immediate access to your certificate of insurance: When signing up with ProSight, DJs are granted instant access to a DJ certificate of insurance with their name on it. That is clutch for when you have a gig on the horizon and you need proof of insurance in order to play the venue.
  • 24/7 access to policy documents: DJs can view and edit their policy documents using ProSight’s customer portal. The portal is accessible at all times, making it ideal for a profession with offbeat hours. When you need to adjust on the fly or confirm what’s covered under your policy, simply log in and get what you need within minutes.
  • Insurance tailored for DJs : ProSight understands that your business is unique and our DJ insurance is customized to meet the needs of DJs.
  • Top Notch Business Ratings: ProSight Specialty Insurance boasts an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and is rated “excellent” by A.M. Best, which rates insurance companies based on their ability to pay claims. That means that you can count on ProSight to follow through on legitimate claims.
  • ProSight Gets It: The record shows that ProSight is a company that truly understands the music and entertainment industry. For years, ProSight has insured some of the world’s biggest music festivals, world tours, and even Super Bowl halftime shows. With experience on the biggest stages imaginable and for all types of entertainment technology professionals, you can rest assured that ProSight is prepared to handle any situation.