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Create an Engaging Nightclub Experience to Attract Business

March 14, 2019
Industry Blogs | 3 minute read

The definition of a nightclub experience has continued to evolve throughout history. From dancing to jukebox tunes to disco to the MTV generation to hip hop and rap, the experiences became more elaborate as technology advanced, yet one thing remained constant – patrons wanted a unique experience. That still holds true today and nightclub owners need to keep up with current trends and experiences to continue attracting guests.   

What’s Currently Popular on the Club Scene? 

Here’s what’s trending at today’s nightclubs: 

  • DJ appearances: Top nightclubs stay at the top because of the guest DJs they hire. For example, the Spanish island of Ibiza has always been known as the clubbing capital of the world and attracts top talentsome DJs even have summer residences there. Successful clubs in Los Angeles similarly bring in big-name DJs who’ve played festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, Bonaroo and Electric Zoo. Enjoying the “up close and personal” experience of their favorite DJ is what patrons like.  
  • The viral party experience: Patrons also expect the club venue, visual effects and technology to be a great experience, so they can share their fun on social media – photos, videos and tagging friends with location check-ins and the club’s hashtag are a win-win for both patrons and club owners!   
  • Nightclub variations: Some nightclubs have evolved from basic dance clubs to new variations, such as Dayclubs (large scale pool parties) and Nightswims (a mix of the typical nightclub along with a pool party component), which are popular in Las Vegas and at island beach resorts.   


Gearing Experiences Towards Millennials 

Many nightclubs have found success (much like bars and taverns) by attracting millennials to their venues. Millennials are the largest adult age group and value diverse nightclub experiences 

  • Multifaceted venues: Millennials enjoy different music genres and moving from one experience to the next. Nightclub owners could appeal to them by setting up different rooms with different types of music, such as rap, pop and country.    
  • State-of-the-art technology: Millennials are tech-savvy and look for nightclubs that cater to modern advancements. Clubs with large LED screens, sophisticated speakers, animatronics and futuristic laser light displays can help add the high-tech “wow factor”. 
  • Late-night menus: Many nightclub patrons, including millennials, are looking for food options later on in the evening to pair with their drinks. Adding a late-night menu could give them another reason to remain at the club. 

Incorporating an engaging and modern experience into a nightclub can help owners get more patrons in the door and add value to their business. ProSight also adds value with unique products and solutions customized for the nightlife industry that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.   

Tony Wong, Program Underwriter for Nightlife