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Common Areas and Safety

March 15, 2013
Industry Blogs | 2 minute read

Swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness centers and playgrounds provide residents of manufactured housing communities with opportunities to gather for recreation and to entertain guests of all ages. Propel Insurance helps thousands of manufactured housing communities nationwide ensure that their best amenities do not become their biggest headaches by minimizing the potential risks associated with common areas. According to Propel’s Pat Flynn, there are a few basic measures that manufactured housing communities can take to protect themselves.

Clearly marked and painted curbs. With a large number of narrow streets in a relatively contained area, it is important that drivers – especially guests – can see all obstacles and distinguish the curb from the street as they approach common areas. This can prevent damage to property as well as personal injury.

Well-maintained roads. Particularly during the vacation season, a community must be prepared for a high volume of heavy vehicles. Smooth and even surfaces reduce the risk of collisions and minimize the possibility that trailers, bikes and bins will break free from cars and trucks.

Rapid response to water. Managers must address any water spillage, puddles or ponding immediately in order to prevent slips and falls, growth of mold, unsafe swimming conditions and car accidents.

Posting safety guidelines at pools, fitness centers and playgrounds. Using these facilities can result in serious injury if proper guidelines are neglected.  Safety rules are not always “common sense” and instead should be clearly listed in highly visible spots.

With a core focus in helping manufactured housing communities manage their liability, ProSight and Propel’s range of specialized products and team of experienced claims specialists can help you identify all of your potential hazards and limit your exposure.