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Check, please!

February 19, 2015
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Background checks help you screen for the best employees.

Did you know that one in three Americans has some type of criminal record? It doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she would be a bad hire, per se, but it is likely a factor you would wish to consider when making personnel decisions – especially considering that 81 percent of job applicants admit to lying or embellishing in interviews.

Construction managers, in particular, have to be super-judicious in considering job candidates. Working in an industry where employees are entrusted with enormous assets and great responsibility, blind faith or fingers crossed simply won’t cut it. You need stone cold assurance, or what we in our industry call proper risk management.  You need professional background checks.

Background checks help construction managers hedge against the consequences that bad hires and decisions can bring, namely property loss, customer dissatisfaction, litigation, and damage to professional reputation. Put in a different light, it’s a great way to find the best employees.

We can help you do your due diligence. As a ProSight customer, you have exclusive access to deep discounts of up to 70% offered by – the category leader in criminal records background checks.

Find the perfect fit.

Now, you can customize a comprehensive background check to suit your budget, time, and needs. In addition to searching a multi-jurisdictional criminal database of over 500 million records, also provides other common pre-employment screening options, such as criminal history, employment, education verifications, driving records, reference checks, drug screening, and more. What’s more, it’s quick and convenient, featuring:

  • Concise and easy to read reports
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Instantaneous results (in many cases)

In addition to protecting your business, background checks announce a commitment to clients and colleagues alike that you are dedicated to safety, security and compliance. At ProSight, we’re with you all the way. To get started, go to,link.