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The Cannes Film Festival Was a COMPLETE® Success

June 07, 2016
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As I continue my climb and my journey at ProSight continues to unfold, I was surprised to learn that we had a presence at the Cannes Film Festival.  Why were we at Cannes? According to VARIETY, there were 49 titles unveiled at the Cannes official selection, and this represented 28 countries in all. The festival brings together approximately 12,000 writers, filmmakers, distributors, and producers from over 130 countries.* There is no other gathering of this many creatives, decision makers, and financiers in one place at one time. As a leader in the film insurance industry, this was a perfect place for us to be!

(L-R) Arash Kiankhooy, Bond Attorney, Scott Nicolaides, Executive Director of Media – Bonds, and Joe Finnegan, Customer Group President.

Joe Finnegan, Customer Group President, and the ProSight team took to the streets of Cannes with a bold message that touts our innovative film insurance offering, COMPLETE®, “Put Your Film On The Map With COMPLETE®.”

The complexity involved in providing end-to-end insurance coverage for a major motion picture filmed on different continents, in different languages over a lengthy period of time requires a partner that can scale globally, has the experience and know-how, and is financially secure.  These are all reasons why professional filmmakers choose ProSight Specialty® Insurance.

At ProSight we are very focused on providing excellent customer service and driving value-based solutions and the professionals at ProSight Film do it for our clients over and over again. However, don’t simply take my word for it, read a few of the testimonials from our clients.

“The production process was flawless with COMPLETE® and the unwavering partnership and equal level of trust with the ProSight team was an invaluable asset.”

Dimitri Rassam, Producer – The Little Prince

“Working with one company to secure bond and insurance coverage saved us time and money. Finally a one-stop shop for both!”

Jeremiah Samuels, Producer, Secret In Their Eyes

“Helping us through the workflow of the show was huge. Especially when we were on the other side of the world.“

Lemore Syvan, Producer, Man of Tai Chi

Imagination and creativity are at the core of the filmmaking industry.  These attributes are also what make us at ProSight so different. Few other companies empower and encourage their business partners and employees with the freedom and support to “think outside the box” when it comes to developing solutions that drive business value for their clients.

At ProSight, its who we are!

Bev Thorne, CMO
ProSight Specialty Insurance



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