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ProSight Specialty Insurance Solutions Launches the Entertainment Industry’s First Digital Cast Medical Service with SecureMed℠

November 13, 2013
Hot Off Our Press | 4 minute read

ProSight Specialty Insurance Solutions today unveiled SecureMed, the entertainment industry’s first digital cast medical service powered by DocuSign®, The Global Standard for eSignature®. ProSight’s SecureMed service digitizes and modernizes the process of completing medical paperwork required to insure a production, protecting the privacy of artists, doctors, producers and production companies, while improving compliance with HIPAA security and privacy guidelines. SecureMed was developed exclusively for ProSight Specialty Insurance customers and is available

“For far too long, the entertainment industry has been held hostage by an outdated insurance validation process defined by a long trail of faxed paperwork that leaves artists’ confidential medical history at risk for theft or being leaked to the public,” said Joe Finnegan, President, Film and Live Media, ProSight Specialty Insurance. “With the introduction of SecureMed, we’re changing the status quo by building a one-of-a-kind service that protects our customers’ confidential information. We’re also modernizing the traditional manual, paper-based process with a simplified digital format so that production companies can focus on what matters the most – producing great film and television.”

SecureMed is part of ProSight’s ongoing commitment to provide innovative solutions that go beyond traditional insurance services to focus on unaddressed customer needs. Central to ProSight’s deep underwriting expertise within each niche is the inherent understanding of the unique needs of each customer, and the ability to identify and deliver tailor-made benefits that can help them effectively manage and enhance their overall business.

“By offering an industry-first service such as SecureMed, we are fixing a broken process and reinventing the way insurance is delivered to ProSight’s film and television customers while helping to protect their businesses,” said Darryl Siry, President, ProSight Specialty Insurance Solutions. “We set out to fix the cast medical process with SecureMed and DocuSign to make it more efficient for everyone involved while increasing the protection and privacy of our valued clients.”

Following are SecureMed benefits for ProSight customers and artists:

  • The SecureMed digital form offers improved security
  • The risk of losing or misplacing the SecureMed form is removed
  • The SecureMed digital form is accessible from any device
  • No interruption with additional questions to clarify handwritten answers or missed questions
  • The artist has an accessible electronic record of the completed form

Following are SecureMed benefits for doctors conducting a medical evaluation prior to a production:

  • The SecureMed digital form and DocuSign eSignature platform is compliant with HIPAA security and privacy guidelines
  • All required fields must be completed before the form can be submitted, which reduces unnecessary delays
  • There is no confusion around handwritten answers or missed questions
  • The doctor has an accessible electronic record of the completed SecureMed form
  • There is a clear log of every access to documents and a legally binding audit trail that captures complete details of the sending and signing process via DocuSign

To support the launch of the SecureMed Service, ProSight has developed a dedicated web presence at for doctors and artists to start a new form using a valid email address each time a cast medical form or statement of health is needed to insure a production. The SecureMed medical form has the same questions and is in the same format as the standard paper document, just in a simpler, clearer and more easily accessible digital format to improve compliance with HIPAA security and privacy guidelines.

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