May 10, 2019

How Hotels Can Compete in a Room Sharing World

How Hotels Can Compete in a Room Sharing World

If there’s one thing that has created additional competition in the hotel industry, it’s the rise of room sharing sites like Airbnb and HomeAway®. Their ease, cost, and instant availability appeal to the new travel mindset that favors quick and easy getaways over conventional, pre-planned vacations. So how can a traditional hotel compete? Read on for 3 ways to help attract—and keep—customers.

  1. Give the People What They Want
    Since today’s travelers are looking for long weekend stays, give it to them—in the form of promotional packages that offer bang for their buck. Current trends are predicting a rise in this type of travel, so it makes sense to offer weekend specials that take advantage of the uptick. Layer in some last-minute deals, and you’ll give room sharing sites a run for their money.
  2. Leverage Your Expertise
    The millennial generation is seeking authentic experiences where they can “live like the locals.” Which is why staying in a furnished city apartment or a country cabin is so appealing. But what do you have that these room shares don’t? Experienced hotel staff that can point guests to out-of-the way sights and local restaurants that showcase the area’s true flavors. Use your expert knowledge to create memorable experiences your guests will share. And speaking of sharing …
  3. Make It a Social Experience
    In this age of comments and shares, travel is more social than ever. Not only do millennial travelers want unique experiences, they want to post about them, too. Transform a generic hotel bar into an Instagram-worthy backdrop complete with a signature, local cocktail or consider other selfie-ready aesthetics to help stand out from the crowd. Then, hire a social media team who will capture these images online to rake in the likes—and more bookings!

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–Michelle Pray
, Value Creation Executive for Hotels