January 11, 2019

Country Clubs Can Evolve Through Millennials

Country clubs are starting to think beyond their traditional members and events to appeal to a new generation: the millennials. By changing their membership criteria, expanding activities and offering a sense of community, country clubs can create an environment that attracts millennials and, as a result, can lead to an uptick in memberships.   

Bringing in Millennials 

Country clubs already offer a sense of community, which is attractive to millennials. However, most millennials have a sufficient amount of loan debt and may not be able to afford club initiation fees and annual dues. Because millennials are the largest U.S. demographic, country clubs can evolve and stay relevant by marketing to this new audience. Much like the restaurant and hotel industries, country clubs can find ways to interest millennials. 

  • More Than Golf 

Country clubs want to broaden membership beyond affluent members who like to golf. To better appeal to millennials, many clubs have begun expanding their activities to include health and wellness options such as gyms, personal trainers, and yoga classes. This can be extended even further by utilizing their property to offer biking groups and planned out hikes.  

To further cultivate that welcoming community feel, country clubs can present relatively low cost offerings like burger and beer nights or wine tasting events. Also, kid-friendly get-togethers can open up the door for families looking for a fun, safe setting where their children can interact. 

  • Rethinking Membership Fees 

To assist in affordability for millennials, some clubs have either cancelled initiation fees, broken fees down to easier installments or offered free trial memberships. All of these methods can help increase new members who, in turn, can spread the word to their friends and colleagues. 

  • Boosting Online Presence 

Millennials are tech savvy, spending a majority of time online. Country clubs can use this to their advantage by boosting their online presence through social media, email, and website marketing. By sharing pictures of unique and fun events plus member testimonials, country clubs can show their community atmosphere and wide range of activities. Also, implementing an email campaign could be a good way to call out the millennial-friendly benefits of joining a country club. 

By evolving to accommodate this new and growing generation of adults, country clubs can add value to the community and increase their memberships. ProSight also adds value with unique products and solutions tailored to country clubs that go beyond traditional insurance coverage.   


-Kevin Topper, Niche President for Media and Entertainment