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Common Funeral Home Risks to Keep Top of Mind


For owners of funeral homes, it’s important to be aware of everyday risks that could occur during arrangements, services, and the regular course of doing business.


Here are the most common risks to know:


1. Slips and falls

By far, slips and falls are the most common. Everything from high heels to icy sidewalks to a wet floor can cause funeral home visitors to take a tumble—potentially leaving you facing a lawsuit.

2. Auto accidents

Car crashes can occur during a funeral procession, removal, or in your own parking lot. Make sure you have insurance that covers wherever automobiles are operated.

3. Property damage

Destruction to funeral home furniture, caskets, and equipment can happen during visitation or from a fire or storm, so make sure your contents are fully insured.


4. Reputation risk

Your reputation is always a consideration when working with grieving families who might be dissatisfied with funeral preparations.


Two Important Stats to Know about Thanexus Financial Services, LLC


1. Industry Seal of Approval
We are endorsed by the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association (NJSFDA) as knowledgeable providers of funeral home insurance.


2. Partners for Safety 
We were created over twenty years ago by licensed funeral directors who are also licensed producers, so we understand the risks encountered in funeral service.


A Growing Trend


As more and more families seek to celebrate their loved ones in non-traditional ways, some funeral directors are working with certified funeral celebrants who can help create personalized experiences that reflect the decedent’s life.


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