Bridging the Gap for Production Companies

Independent commercial producers often don’t have access to their client’s Wrap-Up policy, which means they don’t know if there are exclusions, coverage limitations, or proper indemnification language in place that protects them. That’s why we worked with the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) to develop WrapGap®, a policy endorsement that helps bridge the gap in coverage to protect against potential losses not covered by a client’s Wrap-Up policy.


The Bigger Picture

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Who’s it for?

Independent commercial producers and production companies.

Why would you use it?

WrapGap® provides an added layer of coverage to help address these common problems:

  • Reduces gaps in primary coverage
  • Requires no deductibles when a Wrap-Up policy provides primary coverage
  • Provides affordable pricing that reflects potential exposures
  • Results in peace of mind and added protection

How do you get it?

We’re always looking for solutions to meet our customers’ needs, so we automatically include WrapGap® as an endorsement on all DICE policies. We also waive deductibles when a loss isn’t covered by the primary Wrap-Up policy.