Bridging the Gap for Independent Commercial Producers

We’re always out scouring the landscape to find ways to provide solutions that focus on unaddressed customer needs. With our partner, the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), we explored insurance and risk transfer challenges faced by independent commercial producers. This included dealing with a client’s Wrap-Up policy and understanding coverage. Our insights fueled the genesis of WrapGap®, a production policy endorsement designed to safeguard independent commercial producers from potential losses not covered by a client’s Wrap-Up policy.


The Bigger Picture

Bridging the Gap for Independent Commercial Producers

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Why WrapGap?

We know that commercial producers often do not have access to their client’s actual Wrap-Up insurance policy, creating uncertainty about limits, exclusions and overall adequate coverage and proper indemnification of the production company in the event of a loss.

WrapGap provides an added layer of coverage and eliminates deductibles. When added to your annual DICE policy, it reduces potential gaps in primary coverage provided by a client’s Wrap-Up policy.


Coverage typically addresses these common problems by:

Reducing gaps in coverage
Requiring no deductibles when a Wrap-Up policy provides primary coverage
Providing affordable pricing to reflect contingent exposure
Resulting in peace of mind and added protection