Vessel Rental Reimbursement

Helping to Keep Your Business Afloat

When your vessel is your business, any damage that takes it out of commission can really sink your company. That’s why we created Vessel Rental Reimbursementto help keep your livelihood running smooth and steady. 

Who’s it for?

Owners of tugs, barges, dredges, push boats, and other small-to-mid-size vessels who use their crafts as their livelihood.

Why would you use it?

Say a freak storm comes in and pummels your barge. The damage will take at least 72 hours to repair—but you still have a job to do. We’ll help foot the cost to rent a replacement vessel of a similar type, up to $5,000 annually, so you can keep working without loss of income.

How do you get it?

Vessel Rental Reimbursement is built into your policy at no extra cost. Unique coverage like this is not commonly found in the commercial marine market—it’s just one of the ways we remain on watch for your business. We even give you the option to increase the aggregate limit for an additional premium.


* The facts and outcomes of the claim scenario described herein are offered only as an example. Whether or to what extent a loss is covered depends on the actual facts and circumstances of each claim and terms, conditions, and exclusions of the applicable policy.