Subcontractor Policy Management

Delegate Administrative Work

Collecting, reviewing, and managing subcontractor insurance policies and coverage can be an administrative challenge. We offer a Subcontractor Policy Management service and technology program through Docutrax, a verification and document management company, to help ease the burden of managing your subcontractor risk through improved compliance and reduced paperwork.


Subcontractor Policy Management Reviews Compliance of:

  • Specific Insurance Coverages
  • Exclusionary Language
  • Expiration Dates
  • Additional Insured Language and Endorsements
  • Waivers of Subrogation
  • Insurance Carrier Financial Strength and Stability


Subcontractor Policy Management Makes it Easy for General Contractors to:

  • Collect and track subcontractor policies, insurance certificates, endorsements and subcontractor agreements
  • Take corrective action on non-compliance subcontractors
  • Identify gaps in coverage subcontractors have for the hired scope of work
  • Track and notify upcoming renewals to verify that subcontractors’ renewal coverages are compliant
  • Easily identify and manage non-compliant subcontractors through an online portal
  • Get real-time status and reporting
  • Access timely and responsive communications


Here are Exclusions That can be Identified:

  • Third-party Over Action
  • Subcontractor/Employer Injury
  • Height Limitations
  • Residential Exclusions
  • Designated Ongoing Operations Exclusion
  • Other Unique Exclusions


Every construction project has unique needs. The Subcontractor Policy Management service has scalable pricing to fit the needs of varying construction budgets.

Subcontractor Policy Management services provided by Docutrax. Docutrax’s services are not insurance products. Engaging Docutrax to provide these services does not guarantee insurance coverage. ProSight and its subsidiaries and affiliates are not a party to the contract between insureds and Docutrax, and ProSight does not review nor comment on insurance policy documents or forms provided by subcontractors. ProSight is not responsible for Docutrax’s advice or analysis regarding insurance coverage.

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