Stretch Endorsement

Extended Coverage for Commercial Producers

Loss of personal property, rental income or private data records can disrupt a shoot, especially if the insurance coverage is minimal. To help mitigate further losses and exposures that may not be covered, we have enhanced our commercial producer policy to automatically include a new Stretch Endorsement.  

Stretch Endorsements Benefits

  • Personal Property of EmployeesCoverage for direct physical loss or damage of an employee’s property, even if the property is left in an unattended vehicle, as long as the property or unattended vehicle is on the business premises or temporary work location. 
  • Loss of Rental Income Coverage for loss of income of covered property or equipment that cannot be rented or leased because it has been damaged.  
  • Property Leased or Rented to OthersCoverage for direct physical loss or damage beyond repair to a covered property, while it is loaned, leased or rented to others. 
  • DronesCoverage for direct physical loss or damage to unmanned aircraft that the insured owns, rents or leases from others.  
  • Unexplained or Mysterious Disappearance Coverage for loss or damage that is caused by or resulting from an unexplained disappearance of property, if reported to us in writing within 60 days of it happening and we are provided proof that the insured had possession of the missing property 
  • Rewards If notice of a reward has been publicly posted for information leading to the return of stolen property or arrest and conviction of any person or persons committing a crime resulting in theft, arson or vandalism to the property, we will reimburse the reward payment. The reward will be paid to the person designated by a law enforcement agency as being the first to voluntarily provide the necessary information or return the stolen property. 
  • Valuable Records We will pay to replace, restore or reproduce valuable records, which includes documents and manuscripts.