Keep Cast Medical Records Safe from Prying Eyes

When submitting medical records for the cast of a production, they must be handled with the utmost care. Not only is personal privacy highly valued by our customers, it’s our obligation to help maintain their security. Our SecureMed® platform provides a safe, secure way to submit these confidential medicals to help ensure the privacy of artists and entertainers.


Who’s it for?

Producers of film, TV, live events, or any production that includes a cast of performers.


Why would you use it?

Here are three main reasons to use our SecureMed® platform:

It’s Secure. Only essential personnel will have access to each cast member’s records in a read only format, which means the forms can’t be altered or downloaded. Additionally, access must be manually approved at the Customer Segment President level.

It’s Easy. We’ve made it super simple to submit required cast medicals by setting up an authorized email address: As soon as we receive your submissions, designated underwriters will be alerted so documents can be reviewed quickly.

It’s Required. The secure email address above will be the only way we’ll accept cast medicals. If you email an underwriter directly, please know that we’ll have to delete the email to maintain your cast’s safety.


How do you get it?

The artists and performers who make up your cast deserve their privacy, so we employ this secure process whenever we need to obtain sensitive medical records.