Digitizing Cast Medical Forms

Records management is transitioning to digital-based management and technology solutions in every industry. Manual processes are outdated and untrustworthy. And since it’s required to complete medical paperwork to insure a production, protecting the privacy of Artists, Doctors, Producers and Production Companies, and improving compliance with HIPAA security and privacy guidelines, we believe it’s critical this process works smarter. So we created SecureMed℠ to eliminate the risks of theft and exposure of confidential medical records. It is a service that has digitized the process of completing medical paperwork.

Thinking Ahead

Digitizing processes can drive business value, create better workflows, save time and money, but also ensure safety and security.

The SecureMed medical form has the same questions and in the same format as the standard paper document, just in a simpler, clearer and easily accessible digital form.


SecureMed Benefits for Customers and Artists

The SecureMed digital form offers improved security
The risk of losing or misplacing the SecureMed form is removed
The SecureMed digital form is accessible from any device
No interruption with additional questions to clarify handwritten answers or missed questions
The Artist has an accessible electronic record of the completed form


SecureMed Benefits for Doctors

The SecureMed platform is compliant with HIPAA security and privacy guidelines

All required fields must be completed before the form can be submitted, which reduces unnecessary delays

There is no confusion around handwritten answers or missed questions

The doctor has an accessible electronic record of the completed SecureMed form

There is a clear log of every access to documents and an audit trail captures complete details of the sending and signing process

It’s available online and is powered by DocuSign® — The Global Standard for eSignature®