Driving Innovation with SecureFleet

SecureFleet is a fully managed service that includes a dash-cam and an industry-leading driver performance and coaching program.

It combines a patented vehicle data and video event recording system with a comprehensive driver performance program to help fleet owners and safety managers reduce risk, reduce costs and manage fleets better.


Technology Empowering Innovation

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Put SecureFleet to Work for You

We provide you with the equipment and service as well as ongoing support to ensure you can experience benefits from SecureFleet.


  • Reduce your fleet’s claims and accidents
  • Improve fuel efficiency and fleet management with little financial or management risk
  • Fewer claims and accidents
  • Reduction of brand damage, vehicle and employee downtime, as well as customer complaints and legal expenses
  • Exonerate drivers (or help settle claims quickly and with fewer third party costs)
  • Expect savings in the first year with even greater returns in the future

Key Features

  • Dash-cam unit and integrated risk reduction services available only with ProSight coverage*
  • The unit’s dual video cameras record inside and outside the vehicle for 10 seconds, before and after an event
  • Events can also be manually triggered by drivers**
  • Information is automatically and wirelessly transmitted after an event is triggered
  • Vehicle locations are tracked in real time
  • Events are analyzed, scored and prioritized for easy and quick review
  • Videos, event info, reports and other tools are accessible online and via smartphone
  • Expert driving analysis and visual record of risky events help managers effectively coach and reinforce the right driving behaviors
  • Personalized support from ProSight’s Customer Service Manager ensures each customer benefits from SecureFleet

*All service and unit costs are borne by ProSight except installation, a $29 keypad equipment cost per vehicle, and a $50 annual connective fee per vehicle; approximate installation cost per vehicle is $195.

** Wireless downloading costs of $1 per minute apply when accessing manually triggered events or the continuous recording feature.

SecureFleet Partners
We developed SecureFleet℠ and partnered with SmartDrive® to deliver this comprehensive risk reduction program.

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