Safety Education On Demand 

The risk landscape is changing for businesses today, so it’s important to employ proactive risk engineering that can help manage loss control, improve safetyand, ultimately, reduce claims. That’s why we give our customers access to SafetyNow®, aonline loss control training and education portal that helps give you competitive edge 

Who’s it for?

ProSight customers who are looking for an easy, effective, one-stop resource for safety education. With over 1,000 general and industry-specific risk management and safety materialsthe SafetyNow® online portal provides relevant training programs that can benefit your workplace 


Why would you use it?

Besides the convenience of an online portalSafetyNow® delivers all this (and more): 

  • OSHA 10/30 Training—complimentary access to OSHA 10- and 30-hour certified training to provide awareness of common safety and health hazards on the job
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)certified and compliant meeting kits that can be used to conduct workplace-specific safety talks on everything from slips and falls to equipment usage. Each meeting kit includes instructor information, leadersheets, handouts, quizzes, presentations, videos, and more. You’ll never have to create training manuals from scratch again.
  • Learning Management System (LMS)—robust e-learning program that can be integrated with a company’s human resources platform for wider reachCourses can be bundled into programs and emailed to employees for easy assignment, tracking, and safety training on the go. 
  • COVID-19 Safety Information—includes current job site protocols, FAQs, meeting kits, employee collateral, and workplace posters.
  • Fully Customizableall materials can be downloaded and branded with each customer’s logo or other information and incorporated into your own company’s safety program.  


How do you get it?

We believe everyone insured by ProSight deserves this valuable resource and training tool, so we give our customers access to the SafetyNow® online portahere