Rental Guard

Safeguard Your Livelihood

For equipment rental companies in the media industry, theft of valuable equipment has become an all too common occurrence. That’s why we’ve rallied together with ESTA supporting entertainment rental companies and promoting RENTAL GUARD. RENTAL GUARD is an alert system designed by ESTA that prevents fraud and theft, and also helps recover customers’ equipment if it has been stolen.



RENTAL GUARD comprises distinct tools that are designed to fulfill a specific purpose. Here’s how they work:

Reporting Missing Equipment and Sending Fraud and Theft Alerts. An alert is issued when a theft is reported. In addition to providing identifying information about the items stolen, the alert communicates to others how the theft happened. Getting the word out as widely and quickly as possible has proved the single best strategy for recovering gear.

Searching the Missing Equipment Database. The RENTAL GUARD database is the central, industry-wide, international depository for stolen equipment data. It provides a simple, fast way to look up serial numbers to check if equipment has been reported stolen.

Questionable Customer Alerts. If your company evaluates a potential customer and you make the decision not to rent to them because something does not check out, send a Questionable Customer Alert. This alert enables member companies to share information easily and succinctly.

New Customer Reference Inquiry. Get help from fellow ESTA (or ASPEC) members when evaluating new customers. This inquiry enables members to obtain independent credit references beyond those listed on the rental application.