Rapid Response Team

Always There for You

When catastrophe strikes on the road, time can stand still for those involved in a stressful situation and can even cripple a company that is unprepared for the worst. When our customers are involved in a catastrophic accident, our Rapid Response team is deployed to provide immediate support. Our service delivers exactly what the name implies: rapid response to catastrophic accidents, incidents, and claims.

Team of Experts

It’s a team of ProSight-contracted resources to help following a catastrophic event that includes:

Crisis managers
Grief counselors
PR firms and more

Our Rapid Response team is an extension of the ProSight team and is cultivated to deliver best-in-class services to help address incident issues and claims so that your focus can remain on running day-to-day business.


Value in Rapid Response

Our team often arrives at the scene of an accident within a matter of hours, and effectively takes control of very difficult situations. Our Rapid Response service reduces stress and impact, and provides peace of mind when it’s needed most. We can help keep your company’s name in good standing and help you continue operating during trying times.