R.I.C.H. Endorsement

Damage Control for Your Reputation

When building homes for high-end clients, your crew has access to sensitive and private information that could hurt your client if released—and embarrass you as the builder in charge. Our R.I.C.H. (Release of Information during Construction of your Home) Endorsement helps provide you with the means to repair the damage so your reputation doesn’t suffer.


Who’s it for?

Builders of luxury dwellings with crews who have access to client homes during the course of construction.


Why would you use it?

Consider an unfortunate scenario where an unscrupulous employee takes and sells photos of your client’s safe room. Or another incident where a subcontractor on your job leaks security codes online. To repair the damage, you may have to buy back the photos or even relocate a room. This takes quick action and extra money. Our R.I.C.H. Endorsement provides you with $25,000 in extra coverage to make things right.


How do you get it?

We know your reputation is key to your success, so we’ve made our R.I.C.H. Endorsement available as a policy add-on at no extra cost. It’s just one of the ways we show dedication to your business growth.

* The facts and outcomes of the claims scenarios described herein are offered only as examples. Whether or to what extent a loss is covered depends on the actual facts and circumstances of each claim and terms, conditions, and exclusions of the applicable policy.