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Incident Reporting App

The process of reporting incidents is important to a business and its insurance company. But when that process is outdated and inconvenient, it’s obviously less likely to happen. That’s why we created an app that allows insured drivers to collect information from the scene and report it, in real-time, to the necessary parties during or moments after it happens. It’s a driver’s lifeline in the event of a driving incident and also allows the risk manager to simulate being at the scene.


The First Line of Defense

A driver’s lifeline in the event of a driving incident

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What ProSight Mobile Does for Your Fleet

Provides photo evidence of the scene
Shortens incident reporting time
Creates transparency with the driver, risk manager and ProSight
Archives reports in case of future claims
Unifies incident reporting process

What ProSight Mobile Does for Your Business

Helps reduce claim costs
Acts as an integrated platform to alert fleet managers to view incidents and report claims


Step-by-step guidance through reporting process
Customized driver profiles
Real-time reporting
Uses camera-phone
Reads location information from phone’s GPS
Stores incident information in case of future litigation
Provides secure data storage
Does not automatically trigger an insurance claim

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